May 11 Update

Added Fantasy Book Critic and Review Haven: Fantasy and Sci-Fi, I found them on Simon Royle’s list. There’s a lot of overlap between this list and Simon Royle’s list (since that list is the most comprehensive book blog list around), but there’s a few bloggers here that aren’t on the Simon Royle list.

The Indie SF Reviewers list covers blogs with a focus on SF/F + will review indies. Simon Royle’s list is more like a comprehensive list of book blogs + will review indies with some details on what genres they’re interested in. There’s a subtle difference in audience between different blogs. There’s blogs with an SF/F audience that don’t necessarily look for an indie read, but could be interested. There’s blogs with an indie-reading Smashwords-clicking ebook audience comfortable that could look at an SF/F book. You’ll find the former blogs here, and the latter blogs in the Simon Royle list, with a considerable amount of overlap.

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